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Astral is a homogenous vinyl floorcovering that delivers exceptional performance and abrasion resistance. It is available in rolls, with colouration throughout the thickness of the material. Astral comprises a special anti-bacterial/fungicidal treatment that prevents moisture and growth of bacteria and it is suitable for normal to heavy traffic areas. Astral’s PU coating, protects the surface during and after installation and offers a good foundation for routine maintenance.


  • Total Thickness 2mm, Roll Length 20Lm
  • Weight 3360 g/m², Width 2m
  • Use Classification Heavy Commercial
  • K Rating K5
  • Wear Group M (EN 649)
  • Wear Resistance < 7.5mm³ (EN 660.2)
  • Fire Rating 2 (SANS 10177-4)
  • Slip Resistance R9 (DIN 51130 / BGR 181)
  • Static Electrical Propensity < 2 kV (EN 1815)
  • Dimensional Stability ≤ 0.4% (EN 434)

Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-blueBlue

Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-almondAlmond
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-beigeBeige
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-breezeBreeze
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-brownBrown
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-cherryCherry
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-creamCream
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-dolphinDolphin
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-earthEarth
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-greenGreen
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-greyGrey
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-light-greenLight Green
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-jadeJade
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-light-greyLight Grey
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-orangeOrange
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-rustRust
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-shaleShale
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-slateSlate
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-smokedSmoked
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-teakTeak
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-snowSnow



Neptune is a flexible compacted homogeneous vinyl floorcovering. It is available in rolls and is anti-static, with a semi non-directional polychrome design, and colour dyed as a raw mixture to ensure even colour throughout the thickness. It is uniquely treated with Evercare™, a new patented surface treatment, providing an unrivalled level of maintenance and chemical resistance. Evercare™ treatment is micro-structured and cross-coat polymerised using laser technology and acts as a barrier against stains and chemical aggression. It definitively replaces the application of wax or polish during the lifetime of the product.


  • Total Thickness 2mm, Roll Length 20Lm
  • Weight 3120 g/m², Width 2m
  • Use Classification Heavy Commercial
  • K Rating K5
  • Wear Group P (EN 649)
  • Wear Resistance < 4.0mm³ (EN 660.2)
  • Fire Rating 2 (SANS 10177-4)
  • Dimensional Stability: ≤ 0.4% (EN 434)
  • Residual Indentation : 0.06mm (SANS 786:2007)
  • Thermal Conductivity : 0.25 W/(m.K) (EN 12 524)

Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-aquamarineAquamarine
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-azurAzur
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-lemon-chiffonLemon Chiffon
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-lichenLichen
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-light-smokeLight Smoke
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-overseasOverseas
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-peach-orangePeach Orange
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-real-redReal Red
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-silverSilver
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-soft-greenSoft Green
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-soft-tangerineTangerine
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-soft-warmgreyWarm Grey
Vinelle Flooring vinyl-sheet-wheatWheat